Toshiba PA2487UXR Battery
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Energy Plus L17670-9TSP

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Energy Plus
Lithium Ion (LiOn)
10.8 Volts, 4500 mAh
2.75 x 6.8 x 0.72 inches
12 Pressure Type Connectors
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Our Price: $129.99
"I wanted to thank you for getting the new telephone batteries to us so soon!. We were having phone problems and the quick service was appreciated. I purchase many things from websites and once many of them have the order they don't seem to worry about how long it takes for the products to arrive... I really appreciate the follow-up to my status request email and that the batteries arrived even sooner than we had planned."
L. Barnhardt, Chicago, IL
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Device Compatibility for this Product
TOSHIBA - 1000 CDS family
1040CDS, 1555CDS
TOSHIBA - DynaBook family
DynaBook GTR590
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1000 family
Satellite 1040 Series, Satellite 1040CDS, Satellite 1040
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1400 family
Satellite 1400 Series, Satellite 1400-S151, Satellite 1400-S152, Satellite 1405 Series, Satellite 1405-S151, Satellite 1405-S152, Satellite 1410 Series, Satellite 1410-S105, Satellite 1410-S106, Satellite 1410-S173, Satellite 1410-S174, Satellite 1415 Series, Satellite 1415-S105, Satellite 1415-S106, Satellite 1415-S115, Satellite 1415-S173, Satellite 1415-S174, Satellite 1405-S171
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1500 family
Satellite 1555 Series, Satellite 1555CDS
TOSHIBA - Satellite 1800 family
Satellite 1800 Series, Satellite 1800-S177, Satellite 1800-S203, Satellite 1800-S204, Satellite 1800-S206, Satellite 1800-S207, Satellite 1800-S253, Satellite 1800-S254, Satellite 1800-S256, Satellite 1800-S274, Satellite 1805 Series, Satellite 1805-S154, Satellite 1805-S203, Satellite 1805-S204, Satellite 1805-S207, Satellite 1805-S208, Satellite 1805-S253, Satellite 1805-S254, Satellite 1805-S255, Satellite 1805-S273, Satellite 1805-S274, Satellite 1805-S278
TOSHIBA - Satellite 200 family
Satellite 220 Series, Satellite 220CDS, Satellite 220CS, Satellite 220CT, Satellite 225 Series, Satellite 225CDS
TOSHIBA - Satellite 2000 family
Satellite 2060, Satellite 2060 Series, Satellite 2060CDS, Satellite 2060CDT, Satellite 2065 Series, Satellite 2065CDS, Satellite 2065CDT
TOSHIBA - Satellite 2100 family
Satellite 2100 Series, Satellite 2100CDS, Satellite 2100CDT, Satellite 2105 Series, Satellite 2105CDS, Satellite 2105CDT, Satellite 2140 Series, Satellite 2140CDT, Satellite 2140XCDS, Satellite 2180 Series, Satellite 2180CDT
TOSHIBA - Satellite 2200 family
Satellite 2210 Series, Satellite 2210CDT, Satellite 2210XCDS, Satellite 2250 Series, Satellite 2250CDT, Satellite 2250XCDS
TOSHIBA - Satellite 2400 family
Satellite 2400 Series, Satellite 2400-S201, Satellite 2400-S202, Satellite 2400-S251, Satellite 2405 Series, Satellite 2405-S201, Satellite 2405-S202, Satellite 2410 Series, Satellite 2410-S185, Satellite 2410-S203, Satellite 2410-S204, Satellite 2410-S206, Satellite 2415 Series, Satellite 2415-S205, Satellite 2415-S206
TOSHIBA - Satellite 2500 family
Satellite 2500 Series, Satellite 2500CDT, Satellite 2505 Series, Satellite 2505CDS, Satellite 2505CDT, Satellite 2510 Series, Satellite 2510CDS, Satellite 2515 Series, Satellite 2515CDS, Satellite 2530 Series, Satellite 2530CDS, Satellite 2535 Series, Satellite 2535CDS, Satellite 2535CDT, Satellite 2540 Series, Satellite 2540CDS, Satellite 2540CDT, Satellite 2545 Series, Satellite 2545CDS, Satellite 2545CDT, Satellite 2545XCDT, Satellite 2590 Series, Satellite 2590CDS, Satellite 2590CDT, Satellite 2590XDVD, Satellite 2595 Series, Satellite 2595CDS, Satellite 2595CDT, Satellite 2595XDVD
TOSHIBA - Satellite 2600 family
Satellite 2615 Series, Satellite 2615DVD, Satellite 2655 Series, Satellite 2655XDVD, Satellite 2675 Series, Satellite 2675DVD, Satellite 2695 Series, Satellite 2695DVD
TOSHIBA - Satellite 2700 family
Satellite 2715 Series, Satellite 2715DVD, Satellite 2715XDVD, Satellite 2755 Series, Satellite 2755DVD, Satellite 2755XDVD, Satellite 2775 Series, Satellite 2775XDVD
TOSHIBA - Satellite 2800 family
Satellite 2800 Series, Satellite 2800-S201, Satellite 2800-S202, Satellite 2800-S210, Satellite 2805 Series, Satellite 2805-S201, Satellite 2805-S202, Satellite 2805-S301, Satellite 2805-S302, Satellite 2805-S401, Satellite 2805-S402, Satellite 2805-S503, Satellite 2805-S603
TOSHIBA - Satellite 300 family
Satellite 300 Series, Satellite 300CDS, Satellite 305 Series, Satellite 305CDS, Satellite 305CDT, Satellite 310 Series, Satellite 310CDS, Satellite 310CDT, Satellite 315 Series, Satellite 315CDS, Satellite 315CDT, Satellite 320 Series, Satellite 320CDS, Satellite 320CDT, Satellite 325 Series, Satellite 325CDS, Satellite 330 Series, Satellite 330CDS, Satellite 330CDT, Satellite 335 Series, Satellite 335CDS, Satellite 335CDT
TOSHIBA - Satellite 400 family
Satellite 400, Satellite 400CDT, Satellite 400CS, Satellite 400CT, Satellite 405, Satellite 405CDT, Satellite 405CS, Satellite 405CT, Satellite 410, Satellite 410CDT, Satellite 410CS, Satellite 410CT, Satellite 415, Satellite 415CDT, Satellite 415CS, Satellite 420, Satellite 420CDS, Satellite 420CDT, Satellite 425, Satellite 425CDS, Satellite 425CDT, Satellite 430, Satellite 430CDS, Satellite 430CDT, Satellite 435, Satellite 435CDS, Satellite 435CDT, Satellite 440, Satellite 440CDT, Satellite 440CDX, Satellite 440CS, Satellite 440CT, Satellite 445, Satellite 445CDT, Satellite 445CDX, Satellite 460, Satellite 460CDT, Satellite 460CDX, Satellite 465, Satellite 465CDT, Satellite 465CDX, Satellite 470, Satellite 470CDT, Satellite 480, Satellite 480CDT, Satellite 490, Satellite 490CDT, Satellite 490XCDT
TOSHIBA - Satellite 4000 family
Satellite 4000 Series, Satellite 4000CDS, Satellite 4000CDT, Satellite 4005 Series, Satellite 4005CDS, Satellite 4005CDT, Satellite 4010 Series, Satellite 4010CDS, Satellite 4010CDT, Satellite 4015 Series, Satellite 4015CDS, Satellite 4015CDT, Satellite 4020 Series, Satellite 4020CDT, Satellite 4025 Series, Satellite 4025CDS, Satellite 4025CDT, Satellite 4030 Series, Satellite 4030CDS, Satellite 4030CDT, Satellite 4060 Series, Satellite 4060CDT, Satellite 4060Series , Satellite 4070 Series, Satellite 4070CDT, Satellite 4080 Series, Satellite 4080CDT, Satellite 4080XCDT, Satellite 4085 Series, Satellite 4085XCDT, Satellite 4090 Series, Satellite 4090XCDT, Satellite 4090XDVD, Satellite 4100 Series, Satellite 4100XCDT, Satellite 4100XDVD, Satellite 4260 Series, Satellite 4260DVD, Satellite 4280 Series, Satellite 4280XDVD, Satellite 4280ZDVD, Satellite 4300 Series, Satellite 4600 Series
TOSHIBA - Satellite Pro family
Satellite Pro 2100 Series, Satellite Pro 400, Satellite Pro 405, Satellite Pro 410, Satellite Pro 415, Satellite Pro 420, Satellite Pro 425, Satellite Pro 4260, Satellite Pro 4260DVD, Satellite Pro 4280, Satellite Pro 4280XDVD, Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD, Satellite Pro 430, Satellite Pro 4300, Satellite Pro 4300 Series, Satellite Pro 435, Satellite Pro 440, Satellite Pro 445, Satellite Pro 460, Satellite Pro 4600, Satellite Pro 465, Satellite Pro 470, Satellite Pro 480, Satellite Pro 490
TOSHIBA - Small Business family
Small 1400, Small 1410, Small 2400, Small 2410, Small 2430, Small Business 1400 Series, Small Business 1410 Series, Small Business 2400 Series, Small Business 2410 Series, Small Business 2430 Series
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