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Uniden Cordless Phone Battery Upgrades Are In Stock Now And Ready To Ship.

  Uniden is known worldwide for building cordless phones with the most range and clarity available. and Batteries Direct has been selling batteries for Uniden phones online since 1996. In fact, when Uniden no longer carries certain batteries, they send their customers to us! That is because we sell high quality, reliable batteries. Find your battery by model or battery part number. You may search in our search box at the upper left hand corner of this page or check below for your model. Either way we will ship your order today. And remember, you may choose FREE shipping, too!  


Priced From


 Uniden EX-5000  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-6000  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-6000  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-7000  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-7000  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-7500  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-7500  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-7700  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-7700  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-8050  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-8050  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-900  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-900  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-902  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-902  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-905  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-905  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-915  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-915  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-925  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-925  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-945  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-945  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-965  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EX-965  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-1378  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-1378  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-15580  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-15580  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-2245  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-2245  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-2850  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-2850  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-295  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-295  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-2950  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-2950  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-2955  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-2955  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-3245  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-3245  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-3955  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-3955  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-4248  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-4248  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-6950  15.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-6950  17.99 Details 
 Uniden EXA-7248  15.99 Details 

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